“Acne” is a big problem



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     I used to use my fingers to squeeze the nodular acne out, but that usually damaged the skin around the acne, it hurt, and sometimes I couldn’t even get the hormonal acne out. The best preparation is to sweat, a lot. It’s great lubricant, the acne scars will come out of your skin. Very easy. Sweat however you wish, either extreme workout, of just taking a shower that is uncomfortably hot, but not too hot. Remember, common sense.  This thing works like a charm though, but it does take some technique. Relatively easy to read and understand, and has a lot of way to treat the nodular acne , spironolactone acne , hormonal acne , acne scars. What it did was create a big rash all over my face & I was in constant skin pain. I got off it, then tried antibitoics,called Oracea, which also gave me a rash.  I thought that everyone with acne should read it. This book explains the science well and gives great advice. Now I have just a few pimples, on my nose. However I still get a small rash every now & then.

   I have difficult to treat adult acne, and I have used this product for years. Although I don’t have acne treatment myself I got this book out of curiosity the reason being that I work in a beauty sector and I am always looking for more solutions for my clients.  I had no idea there were so many treatment options available for acne. I’ve always had acne problem since I was a teenager and I’ve been searching for good information and new products for a long time.  It is important to get informed and start trying something before this condition stunts your school, social and professional life. Read the book and use your intuition to decide what might work best for you initially, and move on as needed. A very nice blend of both medical and holistic remedies for acne treatment.

It includes the whole list of laser acne and chemical acne. There are some natural treatments in this book that I think will work very well!! Thank you so much for this brilliant guide.   I have tried every methods over the years, prescription medication and vitamins, but nothing worked. After putting the scientific information in this book together with other books, It is better.  I am happy for you to come your way into a brand new start in life. I would recommend it. Very nice acne book guide. This acne treatment book is very effective and informative.  I wish it had ideas for acne treatment for you to cure, to treatment and to prevent the acne scars (The acne scars as well)

   This is arguably the most important book on skin care and Acne no more book in the shop.  As someone who has made the choice to lead a healthier lifestyle, I was essentially following this diet for the past several months before I even read the book. This book changed my life. I have suffered from cystic acne. The cystic acne came back once i was off the meds, the meds controlled it, but did not address the cause.  I have seen firsthand how acne has now become a problem in much earlier and later ages than before.  It is not about hearsay, old wives tales etc, and it is not based on opinion or testimonials it is about scientific advances that have clearly shown that  acne are linked beyond any doubt.  I liked the stress-acne chapter, how stress influences dietary choices, and the guidance on stress management was appropriate. This book should be in every high school library and the waiting room of every dermatologist’s office.

   This book seems even more polished which may be due to the involvment of his dermatologist co-author. The full scientific bibliography of references I found to be helpful and useful. It is very effective and informative.  There is a depth to the book not typically found in pop health books. Based on the science and research studies covered in this book. This book attempts to confirm most people’s suspicions about certain types of food causing acne to Acne no more. The book then goes into foods that prevent hormonal acne. his book confirms what I already suspected; that there is a link between diet and acne to treatment. Great acne cure book led to great acne results. Highly recommended!!!


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